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IOTA Cryptocurrency Research Report


Iota is a novel micro-transactions cryptotoken optimized for the Internet-of-Things. The Ledger is an innovative 3rd-Gen decentralized technology introducing a superior alternative to the blockchain – The Tangle Network. It aims to enable instant, microtransactions  between internet-connected smart-devices with zero fees.

I. General

1. Supply


2. Market cap:

$5,5B // $2.00

3. Marketcap class:

Very High

4. Industry:

Internet of Things (IoT)

4. Type:

IoT Protocol and platform

5. What Problem does it solve?

Innovative 3. gen decentralized tech introducing a superior alternative to the blockchain – The Tangle network.
It solves the following problems:
1. Instant transactions
2. Micro-transactions
3. Zero fees

6. Competitors

Raiblocks (XRB)

General Score

II. Online Presence

7. Domain name

The domain name is short and recognizable.

8. Design

Intricate, consistent, custom-designed web presence that makes a good impression.

9. Roadmap

Overwhelming and highly ambitious roadmap that aims to disrupt the current blockchain technology.

10. Branding

Original name with professional ring to it, paired with a slick logo.

11. Overall Impression

Complex, beautiful and well-crafted website, consistent branding that creates the impression of professionalism and solid marketing efforts.

Branding Score

III. Technicals

12. Whitepaper

A very technical and concise mathematical presentation of the tangle network that takes the idea of decentralized blockchains a large step further. The paper is lengthy and not a light read. The concepts and ideas introduced are novel and undermined by sophisticated mathematical proofs that are not accessible to the causal reader. The tangle network introduces a novelty validation process, allowing new blocks to be validated by any other 2 existing nodes in the network. The paper makes and overall solid and concise impression and persuades the reader with it’s out-of-the-box ideas and technically coherent fundamentals.

13. Pre-mining

All coins are premined.

14. Mining

A Next generation  Proof of Work, that is not comparable to traditional PoW.
Instant zero fee transaction with speed and security increasing when more participants join the network. Each wallet is a light client and each node performs validations on previous transactions. One of the few currencies that are able to offer all of these features.

Technicals Score

IV. Team

15. Collective

The team seems competent, ambitious and dedicated.

16. Flags

There are no team members who have a shady history.

17. Developers

The team has a few very qualified blockchain developes on board.

18. Github

The code repository can be found in github/iotaledger.

19. Activity

Latest commit 10h ago (High activity level)

Developers Score

V. Community

20. Bitcoin thread

Present and active link

21. Facebook page

Present and active, 45,000 likes, link

22. Twitter page

Present and active, 113,00 followers, link

23. Slack channel

Present and actives, 18000 members link
EDIT: Link appears to be no longer active

24. Community activity

Community manager is active, regular announcements, high engagement rate.

Community Score

VI. Perception

25. Google search check

Mostly positive results.

26. Google sentiment

Some impressive articles and overall bullish.

27. Youtube sentiment

Overall bullish, good support from Crypto influencers.

28. Community sentiment

Very bullish sentiment, there are some smaller communities that are highly active. Being so far ahead in technological terms, it will take time for the Tangle to sicker through into the mainstream media.

29. Criminal activity

No criminal activity found.

Sentiment Score

VII. Product

30. State

Their roadmap is very ambitious, but they are progressing well. The wallet with GUI is usable, the tangle network is live although running on a centralized test-net. There are about 10 projects currently experimenting with devices using the IOTA (test) network.

31. Partnerships

Confirmed partnerships and interests:

  • APG
  • Volkswagen
  • Sopra Steria
  • RuuviLab
  • Innogy
  • Ubuntu
  • DIF
  • Sirin Labs
  • Blockchain Bundesverband e.V.

*Information source. Last updated 30.01.2018

32. Positive news

IOTA has annonced 4 major partnerships with highly prominent companies.

33. Negative news

There have been 4 major bugs that have been reported.

  • A security bug reported by MIT News
  • Wallet issues
  • GUI problems
  • Network congestion problems.

The issues have been resolved by the developer team.

Product Score

VIII. Exchange Listings

You can purchase IOTA on:

  1. Binance
  2. Bitfinex
  3. OKEx
  4. Huobi

Which are very reputable and trustworthy exchanges. We recommend using binance for smaller exhcange fees, fast verification process and highly reliable interface.

Listing Score

VVI. Verdict

IOTA is one of the most promising and ambitious projects in the crypto space.

In terms of features they are miles ahead of other projects, offering instant, fee-less, micro-transactions on their testnet already.

The technical concept of the Tangle network is one of the most sophisticated technologies in the blockchain market. However, with high ambition comes a high risk. The implementation remains a challenge.

Will they be able to pull of what they are promising?

Should they, however, succeed, this project may easily rise into the top 5 cryptos. The bullish community sentiment is supported by partnerships with prominent members of the fintech sector. Overall this project is very solid and promising and possibly the innovation that will disrupt the blockchain space itself and cater to the high demand for feeless transactions.

IOTA Overall Score


Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. Investing in cryptocurrency assets is a risky, do not invest funds you are dependent on.

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