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DASH Cryptocurrency Research Report


DASH is a cryptocurrency that aims to solve one of the most basic and fundamental applications in the industry: currency. DASH stands for “Digital Cash” and focuses on instant, seemless and user-friendly digital payments in online and in-store shops. Furthermore, DASH allows these payments to be private and is the leading cryptocurrency project in this domain.

I. General

1. Supply

8,081,934 DASH

2. Market cap:

$3,2B  // $400.64

3. Marketcap class:

Very High

4. Industry:

Digital Currency

4. Type:

Privacy Coin

5. What Problem does it solve?

The problem DASH solves are:
1. Digital payments
2. Protection of crypto finance

6. Competitors

The main competitor of DASH are Monero, a cryptocurrency which solves the same problems, namely payments and privacy, and PIVX, a fork of the DASH code. Other competitors include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, ZCash and Ripple in the digital cash domain only, these coins do not offer privacy features and use semi-transparent blockchains.

General Category Score

II. Online Presence

7. Domain name

The domain name is short and recognizable and works as a abbreviation. The Ticker being the same as the coin name is also a nice addition.

8. Design

The website design looks serious, professional and aesthetic.

9. Roadmap

The roadmap includes a full cryptocurrency wallet that is friendly to use and accessible to any crypto newcomer. DASH aims to be easy to integrate in most existing online shops as a method of payment. Recently, DASH began presenting the proof-of-concept and prototypes of this system called “DASH EVOLUTION” in their Demo videos and it looks really nice.

10. Branding

The brand sound professional and has a nice ring to it. Being closely related to the word “cash” it is easy to understand the application. The website is straight forward and newcomers can easily get the main message (“DASH is Digital Cash”) without having to dig deep into the details.

11. Overall Impression

The website is professional and offers interactive video content & news content. Overall a very good impression. DASH hompage also links out to many fan-made and community-built websites around the DASH cryptocurrency which gives the impression of a strong fanbase.

Branding Score

III. Technicals

12. Whitepaper

The DASH whitepaper looks less impressive than most others we have seen so far, given it’s rather short length and simple language. That does however come with it’s own benefits: People new to cryptocurrencies may actually take the time to read it. Having said that, the paper does explain the main purpose of the blockchain quite well. The introduced concepts are much further expanded upon in their Wiki, and Official Documentation for those who want to read more. Like most papers their explain the brief history of Bitcoin, the improvements DASH brings to the table and spend a few chapters on their masternode concept before movin on to why digital payments are innovative and why privacy is a concern. Many other questions are adresses in the official documentation.

13. Pre-mining

[To be added]

14. Mining

DASH uses a proof-of-stake concept which means that large tokenholders can setup a masternode (a powerful network node) and become an important processing point in the DASH network. Masternode owners must “lock up” a large amount of their token (10,000 DASH) and are rewarded with more DASH tokens in a process called “staking”. This adds stability to the market and prevents major price swings and incentivises stakeholders to contribute to the network development.

Technicals Score

IV. Team

15. Collective

The team of DASH consists of an colourful, international team of deelopers who are experienced in software development and are confident in developing an innovative blockchain.

16. Flags

There are no team members who have a shady history, however the coin supply is extremely large and something to consider when investing.

17. Developers

The team looks very trustworthy and reputable. They have 379 contributors in GitHub.

18. Github

The code repository can be found in
It has a huge amount of commits: 13,659.

19. Activity

Latest commit Jan 11. Have they moved to BitBucket instead?

Developers Score

V. Community

20. Bitcoin Talk thread

Insanely huge and active Bitcointalk thread. Amazing community support.
Link to Bitcointalk thread on DASH.

21. Facebook page

Present and active, 35K likes.
Link to DASHPAY Facebook page

22. Twitter page

Present and active, 302K followers.
Link to DASHPAY Twitter page

23. Slack & Reddit channel

Very active DASH SubReddit.
[Slack channel to be added].

24. Community activity

DASH has an impressively active community. You can find the core team bloggin on their homepage, Facebook page, Tweeting and talking to their fans on Slack and Telegram. It is easy to follow their news and updates on Reddit. Furthermore there many fansites and community sites emerging from the community itself, and they have done a really great job at bundling the websites together and linking out on their community website. Awesome!

Community Score

VI. Perception

25. Google search check

Mostly positive results and a lot of news around the DASH Evolution demos.

26. Google sentiment

Lot’s of great articles and videos.

27. Youtube sentiment

Overall good support from Crypto influencers and positive news.

28. Community sentiment

Very bullish sentiment and amazing community engagement on all social channels.

29. Criminal activity

No criminal activity found.

Sentiment Score

VII. Product

30. State

DASH is progressing well on the roadmap and currently presenting the DASH Evolution platform and wallet prototype.

31. Partnerships

Confirmed partnerships* and interests:

  • BitINKA
  • Bitnovo
  • GoCoin
  • Piiko
  • StrikeSocial
  • BlockCypher
  • Webmoney
  • MorphToken
  • MetrcuryCash
  • Alt Thirty Six

*Information source. Last updated 05.02.2018

32. Positive news

Partnerships with large online payment systems and updates on the roadmap.

33. Negative news

No negative news so far other than the friendly rilvary banter from Monero and PIVX.

Product Score

VIII. Exchange Listings

You can purchase DASH on:

  1. Binance
  2. Bittrex
  3. Bitfinex
  4. Hitbtc
  5. Huobi
  6. OKEx

Which are very reputable and trustworthy exchanges. We recommend using binance for smaller exhcange fees, fast verification process and highly reliable interface.

Listing Score

VVI. Verdict

DASH is one of the most interesting cryptocurrency projects out there right now. It may not be working on the most innovative applications in the cryptocurrency space, but it is working on an essential one.

DASH positions itself in the market as a digital payments currency and it is safe to say that it is dominating the niche. It solves many of the problems Bitcoin still struggles with and it has numerous partnerships and integrations with existing platforms that allow real-world use of the token. Furthermore, it offers a second important feature – that of privacy. In time, this will be a highly demanded featurer, as investors moving into the crypto space will want to secure and protect their transactions and savings of digital assets.  Their position here is only challenged by Monero(XMR). DASH has been in the crypto space for a few years now and has gained respect and credibility in the process.

The developers are doing a great job and the marketers have done extraordinarily well in bringing attention to the project and building a strong and supportive community. In summary, DASH has many advantages in the position it has established in the market and is on the way to become one of the top cryptocurrencies in the crypto space, and perhaps the first mainstream-adopted token used for digital payments.

How will Monero and PIVX compete with such a strong market leader? Will the release of DASH Evolution be successful? Is the privacy feature of DASH solid in it’s implementation? These questions have yet to be answered.

DASH Overall Score


Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. Investing in cryptocurrency assets is a risky, do not invest funds you are dependent on.

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